Yann is Quik-ly learning to fly solo.

January 16, 2017

After twenty-one hours of flight training, Yann Nocerino, one of Trig’s engineers, took to the skies for the first time, alone.

Describing how he felt before take-off, he said, “I was slightly stressed during the pre-flight check. Then I told myself, it’s the same thing that I do during a lesson, just do it.”

Working at Trig for over two years, Yann started as a graduate engineer. He is now employed within the engineering department. Working at an avionics company gave him the extra push to learn to fly. He said, “I could say that I have always been attracted to flying which is true, but it’s mainly working around and always talking about flying that made me want to learn. I develop products for people to use and have fun with, I wanted to have fun too.”

Yann started learning to fly last year. He explained why he chose microlights over other GA aircraft. “I don’t mind the cold and I’m not rich yet! When you fly a microlight, you feel close to your environment and you have nice view.”

“I develop products for people to use and have fun with, I wanted to have fun too.”

Yann with his instructor Grahame Richie, at East Fortune Airfield.

Pre-flight check complete, down the runway and up into the sky, Yann flew out of East Fortune Airfield in a Quik microlight, solo. “When I took off it felt quite different, since the plane was much lighter. That’s when you realise how heavy your instructor is! I did the circuit and the stress was gone, I focused on flying and the landing was just a formality.”

Yann went on to say, “If you are already interested in flying but don’t have a personal motivation you are never going to do it. Trig’s subsidised flying rates has been very useful and the personal support had been amazing. Fellow pilots at Trig have given me a lot of time and have been a real help.

On behalf of Trig, Yann visited the Microlight Festival in Blois and the Air Expo Event in Lyon last year. He remarked, “The pilot community is great, you can always find someone to help you if you need it, don’t hesitate to ask!”

Yann is hoping to sit his GST final examination in May, to become a fully qualified pilot.

Trig wish him the best of luck.