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Improvements and new features are available for your Trig product through software updates. These can be carried out by an Approved Trig Dealer, or suitably qualified installer. If you would like advice about the suitability, or need to update your Trig unit, please contact your local Approved Trig Dealer. They will be able to help you and organise the upgrade of your avionics.

The current version of software installed in your Trig product will be shown on the display at initial power up. Software versions run numerically, the higher the number the more recent the release – so the latest software will always include all the features of earlier versions.

The archive folders within the sidebar contains older versions of software. Once you have viewed an archive page, use the Back Button on your browser to return to this page.

Listed below are the current Trig product Software and Hardware versions.

TT21 AND TT22 Transponder

17/04/2018        version 2.13

This software improves GPS-only air/ground determination algorithm for ADS-B Out.

TC20 Transponder control head 

04/09/2017       version 1.14

This software adds support for Trig TN72 as a FAR 91.227 compliant ADS-B position source and adds GPS only air-ground determination algorithm for ADS-B Out.


14/05/2018         version 1.10

Reduces background noise from electrically noisy installations and changes the scaling of the receiver volume control (radio volume now increases more quickly with clockwise rotation).


04/04/2018        version 1.6

Improves behaviour when connecting to compatible Garmin GPS products, to push frequencies to the standby channel.


11/06/2018        version 1.8

Extends the functionality of the TY96 when connected to the Garmin G3X system to allow the automatic squelch, dual watch (also known as monitor) and flip-flop to be controlled from either the radio or the G3X, as well as exchange of frequency and database information.

This update also enables an increased variety of USB flash drives to be used with the radio for database updates.

TT31 Transponder 


24/09/2018         version 3.18

For transponders currently running software versions prior to version 3.0, this upgrade changes the FAA certification from TSO-C166a to TSO-C166b. An update label must be applied to the transponder lid to annotate this certification change. These update labels can be requested from Trig Avionics.


01/10/2018          version 1.0

This Hardware Service Bulletin applies to TT31 transponders approved under ETSO authorisation EASA.21O.643 Rev B and EASA.21O.906 Rev A, part number 00220-00-(XX) and part number 00225-00-(XX) which are:

  • Serial number from 05767 to 09715;
  • Modification Level 6 or below;
  • Installed in an orientation which is NOT a conventional aft-facing avionics stack mounting.

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