AEA Member of the year reviews Trig products

Trig’s TX56A Nav/Com, and avionics stack, has been endorsed by a leading light in the global avionics industry.

Dewey Conroy, of Pacific Avionics, recently highlighted the quality and value of a Trig solution, in a YouTube interview,

Dewey was voted AEA Member of the Year 2023, by the Aircraft Electronics Association. His endorsement of the Trig product line explains why Trig Avionics is the ‘go-to’ solution for many aircraft owners. Trig’s avionics stack retails at $ 11, 843 list, excluding tax.

When asked about the Trig stack, Dewey said, “Trig’s full stack; audio panel, com, nav/com, ADS-B transponder – it’s a great purchase for customers. When you compare it to other products, it is really only Garmin that competes directly. Although Garmin is really popular, for people wanting to save a little bit of money and still get a great product, Trig is a great answer.”

Trig’s slimline TX56A Nav/Com is an obvious replacement for legacy Nav/Com units, its compatibility with third party EFIS and digital CDI technology makes it ideal in a new panel too. Dewey explained why a Nav/Com remains an important consideration.

Dewey said, “People still want a VOR and ILS, especially with the worry about GPS jamming and if something goes wrong, pilots still want a way to navigate, and VOR/ILS is a way to do that.” Dewey added, “At only 1.3” tall, (the TX56A) is the smallest nav/com you can buy on the market, there is nothing else on the market that is that small. With a built in VOR, built in glideslope, it is compatible with almost all CDI’s – even the old Kings and old Collins – it works great!”

Dewey is well qualified to advise pilots and aircraft owners in choosing avionics. As Member of the Year, Dewey was recognized for his wealth of experience, dedication to the industry and exceptional talent in providing excellent service to the aviation community. The Aircraft Electronics Association is the leading industry body – representing avionics installers and avionics manufacturers globally.

To find out more about the TX56 Nav/Com and associated Trig stack products see

Trig Avionics has announced the availability of an FAA Supplemental Type Certificate for its TX56, TX56A, TX57 and TX57A Nav/Coms.

The slimline TX56 is the latest innovative product from Trig, at only 33mm or 1.3” tall it’s the most space efficient Nav/Com on the market today. The STC contains practical resources designed to help Approved Trig Dealers execute an efficient installation, providing reassurance of compliance for qualified installers.

“Now there’s no barrier to selecting our TX56 Nav/Com as the ideal option for a panel upgrade or new panel build”

Peregrine of Denver is Trig’s longtime STC partner. Peregrine test and evaluation pilot TJ Spitzmiller said, “We conducted a rigorous review of the TX56, covering all aspects of installation and operational performance. The TX56 is impressive, it occupies less space in the panel than other Nav/Coms. We found it easy to install and use in flight. The clarity of the display and user interface is superb, clearly showing both Com and Nav information. The unit has unique features, such as ‘Say Again’ on the radio, and the ability to monitor two Com and two VOR frequencies. The custom frequency database allows the pilot to load frequencies and identifiers to best suit their flight profile. It’s good to fly with a product that is well designed and simple to use, the TX56 is a great example of both!”

James Forbes, Customer Support Manager at Trig said, “We are pleased to make this STC available. For some international customers an FAA STC is obligatory. Now there’s no barrier to selecting our TX56 Nav/Com as the ideal option for a panel upgrade or new panel build.”

As part of this exercise, the TX56 has an AML, Approved Model List that covers over 650 general aviation fixed wing types. The STC also covers configuration of auto pilots, with support for both legacy and modern VOR and ILS equipment – including Trig’s TI-106 Course Deviation Indicator.

Approved Trig Dealers can access the STC via the Trig Dealer Portal. Qualified installers who wish to access the STC should contact for further guidance.

Click on the link to find out more about the TX56 Nav/Com and associated Trig stack products see

EAA Air Venture offers the world’s biggest air show, the opportunity to see rare and unique aircraft, and offers the chance to secure a ‘show special.’

Trig Avionics is offering an exciting show special from their range of ‘Better by Design’ products. Customers can save between $100 and $300 dollars on Trig products, purchased via Approved Trig Dealers at the show. Make sure you get the best deal, visit Trig in Hagar C/3130 to find out more.

Marketing Manager Jon Roper said, “Our activity at Air Venture shows how Trig is committed to supporting grass roots aviation. Today more airplane owners are learning about the benefits of our stack and compact avionics have to offer. Air Venture is the ideal place to see our products in action. We look forward to meeting customers, learning about their panel upgrades or homebuilt projects. We are happy to demonstrate how Trig can provides the best mix of quality, features, and value – made even better with our show special.”

In action at Air Venture, the Trojan Phlyers Flight Demonstration Team will fly with Trig Avionics equipment. Their two T-28 warbirds operate in close formation, showing immense piloting skill of these vintage aircraft. Trig sponsors the team, both Trojan aircraft operate with Trig radios, transponders, and ADS-B equipment. The team describe their act as speed, smoke, thunder and excitement – made possible, of course with Trig technology.

Trig also supports Carl Hancock of ‘Fly With the Guys.’ Carl’s, You Tube channel recently featured Trig products, used in the restoration and re-build of his J3 Cub Red Rocket. Carl is helping to inspire others to get into the air. Visitors to EAA Air Venture will be able to meet Carl Hancock at the Trig Avionics stand at Hagar C/3130 on Wednesday the 26th of July between 11:00hrs and 12:00hrs.

Trig offers the most slimline and competitive complete avionics stack on the market today, including the space saving TX56A Nav/Com TY96 VHF Com. These products are complemented by Trig’s line of compact products, the TT22 Mode S transponder and the matching TY91 VHF radio. Jon Roper concluded, “Pilots of certified, experimental, home-built, and light-sport aircraft are all welcome to come and meet the Trig team. Find out more, and enhance your flying experience by flying with Trig.”

‘Fly With The Guys’ the popular YouTube channel, with over 100,000 subscribers.

A great community for pilots and those interested in learning to fly. Carl Hancock, the host of ‘Fly With The Guys’ is currently restoring one of the most popular private aircraft of all time, the J3 Piper Cub. When it came to avionics Carl required something compact and lightweight, which lead him to Trig, one of the most popular compact avionics brands available today.

Carl selected the compact TT22 Mode S transponder and TY91 VHF radio. Taking minimal panel space, Trig is an established solution in lightweight and general aviation, or as Carl said “It’s such a tiny radio with all the bells and whistles, the radio works perfectly!”. Like many homebuilders, Carl took advantage of the flexible installation created by having a separate control head back box. He created a radio tray and mounted the back boxes in a secure housing behind the pilot seat in the Cub.

Trig is happy to support the restoration of J3 Cub ‘Red Rocket’. Marketing Manager Jon Roper said. “Numerous pilots and aircraft owners appreciate the benefits of Trig. Customers are surprised that despite their compact size, these are certified devices. Trig’s TY91 has now been installed in Red Rocket – The Trig TT22 Mode S transponder is next, with a TN72 GPS and TA70 antenna. This provides a 2020 mandate approved ADS-B Out solution for any experimental, homebuilt or light-sport aircraft. Carl is a great advocate of introducing people to aviation and what it takes to learn to fly, build or restore an aircraft.”

Viewers can also watch Carl plan his panel, install these avionics and get excited with the results

Visitors to EAA Air Venture will be able to meet Carl Hancock at the Trig Avionics stand in Hanger C/3130 on Wednesday the 26th of July between 11:00hrs and 12:00hrs.

Further videos will be shared by Carl, his Trig installations will include Trig pre-made wiring harnesses and antennas for a complete and trouble free home installation experience.

The Trojan Phlyers Flight Demonstration Team are gearing up for EAA Air Venture.

The team operates with Trig transponders and radios. They will be taking centre stage, at the world’s biggest air show. Chip Lamb, team leader said, “This is our second consecutive invitation – so we are proud that the folks at the EAA chose to invite us again.”

Behind the scenes, the work required to maintain their T-28 warbirds, whilst training to display standards is demanding and non-stop. Chip explained, “From November to February, we do our required annual inspections to make sure the aircraft are in flying condition, if we intend to make any modifications (like installing Trig avionics equipment), we’ll do it at the same time to minimize the down time and any impact on the air show season.”

Servicing ex-military aircraft from the 1950’s creates some fascinating challenges. Chip shared, “Interestingly, some parts are plentiful, cheap, and easy to find, whereas some parts are impossible to find and if you do find them, they are very expensive. We hope for the former and not the latter. Newer digital avionics are making equipping the aircraft easier with more options and more accuracy. Think GPS approaches and all DC (no AC) current. Also, we now have engine monitors that give us the ability to observe the health of our engines, this allows us to diagnose problems faster and more accurately.”

For the Trojan Phlyers the pre-season preparations were disrupted by a major engine problem that grounded Chip’s aircraft. This limited the availability to fly the normal two-ship T28 formation aerobatic routine – the specific act that is unique to the air show circuit. Chip and the team worked hard to secure another T28 as a substitute, but also carry out the necessary flying practice to co-ordinate this alternative airframe into their display.

It is testament to the team’s efforts that two T-28 aircraft will be back in the air at Air Venture. Chip shared, “We are evaluating what it will require to get my aircraft flying again.” Asked about Chip’s plans should an alternative T-28 become part of the display he said, “We enjoy our Trig equipment and appreciate its durability. Should we pick up another aircraft, our first move will be to remove and replace the avionics with Trig products!”

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