Trojan Phlyers fly with Trig at the Aviator Showcase

The AOPA Aviator Showcase will profile the best avionics and cockpit technology to pilots and aircraft owners.

The Trojan Phlyers Flight Demonstration Team are at this event to share their aviation expertise. They will also be representing and demonstrating Trig Avionics products on Booth number 14 in the Exhibition Hall, at Fort Worth Alliance Airport Texas, on the 1st of October.

The Trojan Phlyers have a growing profile, performing their amazing close formation two ship display – flying the famous T-28 Trojan warbird. Their association with Trig Avionics evolved from their proven experience of using these avionics in the toughest display conditions. Team Leader Chip Lamb explained,

“Our T-28 airplanes use Trig’s well regarded Mode S and ADS-B Out and VHF equipment. We are flying the Trig flag for our hometown crowd at this event. We rely on these certified avionics to guarantee our participation and safety at airshows. We can genuinely recommend Trig to AOPA pilots – these avionics have worked well in our Trojans, even in high temperature, high humidity, and high G airshow environment.”

Chip Lamb is a retired USAF pilot with combat experience. He extensively flew the F4 Phantom and F16 Falcon in service. His wingman, Robert Johnson is a civilian pilot, with the skills and experience to handle an airplane that weighs over four tons. The team promises speed, smoke, thunder, and excitement – all delivered as part of their unique flying routine!

Chip shared, “Sadly due to Covid travel restrictions our friends from Trig are unable to attend the showcase. We are however looking forward to meeting pilots, talking about flying and demonstrating Trig’s VHF Com radios, audio panels, navigation, and GPS equipment. As we have discovered Trig provides airplane owners with compelling features, quality and value.”

Marketing Manager at Trig, Jon Roper said, “It’s a great opportunity to meet Chip and Robert at the Aviator Showcase. Come and see Trig products and discover how flying with Trig can benefit your aircraft too.”

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Seventy-five years ago, bread rationing in Britain had just been introduced. George Formby, comedian, and entertainer was awarded an OBE. Cinema queues were waiting to see ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ which was on general release.

The Light Aircraft Association was also formed in this year 1946.

Today the LAA’s core values remain – encouraging ordinary people to build and fly light aircraft for pleasure. The LAA’s 75th Anniversary takes place at Sywell Aerodrome this weekend, 3rd-5th of September. This is the largest fly-in event, post Covid, and is keenly anticipated by pilots and LAA members from across the UK.

Trig Avionics will be exhibiting at the show in stand 69, in the LAA Village area. Jon Roper, Trig Marketing Manager shared, “Our range of avionics are well suited to meet the needs of LAA aircraft owners. We will be on hand to help both new and existing customers. Of particular interest, the CAA Conspicuity Rebate Scheme has recently been extended into 2022. The Rally presents a compelling opportunity for pilots to see our certified ADS-B Out products. Our TT21 Mode S transponder and TN72 GPS, together provide a certified ADS-B Out to improve flight safety and they can attract a money saving CAA rebate too.”

Trig will have a full suite of avionics available for pilots to see at the show. For more information click on the CAA Rebate Scheme.

With the gradual lifting of Covid restrictions, pilots are keen not only get back in the air, but also to meet together again.

The Trig team will be attending two established fly-in events in August. With good weather, these events attract hundreds of pilots. Popham and Texel fly-in events are the ideal opportunity to see Trig products in a relaxed environment, whilst talking about flying of course!

Jon Roper, Marketing Manager said, “We are pilots and we like helping customers to discover how Trig products really enhance both their aircraft and their flying experience and safety.”

Ironically, at a fly-in event busy skies illustrate the value of Trig’s ADS-B Out technology. Many UK and European pilots fly with Trig transponders. The TN72 GPS Position Source is a simple and affordable upgrade. This makes an aircraft visible to others, by using ADS-B technology. Jon said, “Trig solutions are smarter, as they ensure you are visible to all ADS-B In equipped aircraft.”

The Popham Microlight Trade Show is on the 14th and 15th of August. The Trig team will be on the show ground and in the LX Avionics stand. The event is expected to herald the formal roll out of new 600kg microlights. Jon Roper said, “For all light aircraft Trig is the ideal avionics fit, in existing and new types. Our avionics are compact, simple to install and operate and right now UK pilots can still get funding from the CAA Rebate Scheme, now extended into 2022. We look forward to meeting folk at the show.”

The Texel Fly-in is on the weekend of the 21st of August. The Trig team will be delighted to meet pilots and demonstrate the benefits of Trig. Company CEO Andy Davis aims to fly to Texel from Scotland, weather permitting of course. Look out for blue Trig shirts at both these events and visit the Trig stand at Texel. Make sure to stop us and tell us all about your aircraft – we are passionate about aviation too.


Sometimes it takes time to discover an aviation ‘sweet spot’, the place that satisfies all the things we love about flying.

As Artyom Liss prepares to fly his syndicate’s vintage 1946 Auster, from Utena Aerodrome in Lithuania, he feels that he has arrived. Artyom recently completed an upgrade to this classic.

He discreetly installed a compact Trig TY91 radio and TT21 Mode S transponder. “Now I have modern avionics, whilst respecting the heritage of the aircraft. The Auster is very pleasant to fly, the 75hp Continental engine means it can cruise at 60 knots, if I ask it nicely of course!” said Artyom.

Artyom selected Trig, having flown other aircraft with the TY91 and TT21, “Trig is so ubiquitous in other aircraft I have flown, reliable and intuitive – I didn’t even have to read the user manual.”

“Trig is so ubiquitous in other aircraft I have flown, reliable and intuitive – I didn’t even have to read the user manual.”

Touching down after a local flight, Artyom shared how he made the journey from flying on Microsoft Flight Sim in 1998 to flying the Auster down Utena’s final approach.

“I started gliding at Booker, just local flights, and I wanted to fly further.” Switching to powered aircraft was the next step. Artyom returned to flying after a short break, piloting a Eurostar at Rochester. “A friend offered me a flight in a Piper Cub, I was instantly hooked. The simplicity of vintage aircraft, the way they handle and the reality that you are surrounded by history is to me a great attraction.” Artyom joined the Tiger club at Damyns Hall, flying other Cubs, and beginning his conversion onto the Tiger Moth. G-ACDC. This aircraft is credited with being the oldest airframe in continuous use on the British civil aviation register, history indeed.

Work commitments took Artyom to Lithuania. Exploring what he might fly locally he was not enticed by ‘spam cans’ at the local airfield. “Amazingly, I found this Auster locally in good condition, its owner had been trying to sell it for a couple of years. It was a deal I simply could not resist. I love the quirks of the Auster, for example, the mixture control is fixed, wire locked at the factory in 1946. The fuel sight gauge is a calibrated ruler, only readable on the ground as it shakes so vigorously in the air!

When I came to fit the Trig units I found a local installer – a company called Aeroekspresas. Their engineer was enthusiastic about fitting Trig, which gave me confidence. He replaced old audio wiring and resolved an interference issue with new magneto wiring. He was also keen to try out his brand-new 3D printer: he used it to make a bespoke tray that now smartly houses the Trig radio and transponder beneath the instrument panel.”

Artyom is now Mode S and 8.33 equipped, his next aircraft improvement might be a major one, “I am seriously considering a C90 Continental engine upgrade, the extra speed and range would be appealing” Artyom said.

When every flight in the Auster is so rewarding for Artyom perhaps it’s the flight rather than the arrival that counts.

Find out more about the TY91 Compact Radio and TT21 Mode S transponder.

EAA Air Venture – Discover Trig products to make your airplane happy!  

The return of EAA Air Venture after a gap year in 2020, is hotly anticipated by both pilots and vendors. The show provides an ideal opportunity to see Trig’s range of certified avionics at first hand. This will inspire your home build panel design, or simply confirm that Trig’s innovative avionics would look great in your existing airplane.

Trig’s industry leading features, quality and value results in happy pilots and happy airplanes. Trig has a reputation for avionics that are high quality but simple to use – making every flight more rewarding. Pilots can see our full range of transponders, ADS-B equipment, radios and audio panels at Air Venture.

Trig has a reputation for avionics that are high quality but simple to use – making every flight more rewarding

It’s also a good time to shop for a deal, with the following companies on hand to assist, Aircraft Spruce, Mid-Continent Instruments and Avionics, Pacific Coast Avionics, Sarasota Avionics and Stein Air. All these vendors are established Approved Trig Dealers who will be delighted to help customers.

The team from Trig had planned to attend Air Venture, sadly due to Covid travel restrictions this has not been possible. Trig Marketing Manager Jon Roper said, “Air Venture is a vitally important event for Trig, each year we look forward to meeting our customers. Whilst Covid has prevented our attendance this year, pilots can still benefit from all the expertise and knowledge of our onsite Approved Trig Dealers.”

Air Venture is a focal point for light aviation, experimental and homebuilt aircraft. The growth in this segment, along with the boom in light-sport aircraft makes Trig’s light weight and compact avionics ideal for all these types. An industry report claims that the 2020 the light-sport aircraft (LSA) market, globally generated an estimated value of $ 116.57 million, with an expected growth rate of over 6% from 2020 to 2027.

Trig already plans to return next year to their usual booth in Hangar C. Jon Roper shared, “Our team will be back, to a full house and the biggest aviation event in 2022. We wish those attending this year an enjoyable, safe and successful show.”

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