Trig at the AEA 2023 Convention Orlando

The Trig Team is in Orlando, at the Aircraft Electronics Association’s annual international convention, from 24th to the 27th of April.

Trig is an active member of the association and exhibiting at the show. CEO, Andy Davis and Customer Support Manager, James Forbes are also leading two valuable Technical Dealer Training sessions at the event. The AEA is the focus for the aviation industry, learning about the latest developments and receiving product training. Approved Trig Dealers, and avionics installers are encouraged to build their expertise in installing and configuring Trig products, by attending one of Trig’s technical training sessions.

This is the first AEA event where Trig’s latest TX56A Nav/Com is now shipping. This completes the Trig stack of an audio panel, nav/com, VHF radio and Mode S transponder. Marketing Manager, Jon Roper said, “The TX56A Nav/Com is an impressive slimline unit, customers have been pleased with its form factor and ease of installation. The well-designed display / interface and powerful capabilities reflect Trig’s Better by Design approach.” Trig offers the best mix of quality, features and value – demonstrated by the Stack Bundle at only $ 11, 843 list price,

Attendees at the event are welcome to visit Trig at booth 329, in the main exhibition hall. New at the show are Trig’s line of extended accessories, including transponder and VHF antennas – selected to provide optimum performance with Trig equipment. Increasingly, dealers are using Trig accessory items, that also include wiring harnesses – making installation easier and quicker.

Jon Roper said, “We look forward to all our conversations with attendees at the show, The AEA is an excellent forum to get feedback, keep learning and share best practice – the essence of the AEA as an organization.”

For more details, visit the Trig booth 329 or visit

Trig all set to offer stack and compact products at AERO Friedrichshafen 2023

Trig Avionics will be at Europe’s largest aviation show, Aero Friedrichshafen this month, with an extended range of products available and ready for purchase via participating dealers.

Jon Roper, Trig Marketing Manager said, “This year marks an exciting milestone, for the first-time customers can order a complete Trig stack from dealers at the show. Pilots can see and demo our products and learn about ADS-B. Innovation is central to all that we do at Trig – in the last year we have added our TX56 Nav/Com and introduced a range of avionics antennas for both our transponders and VHF com radios.”

For pilots, Trig represents the best mix of quality, features and value. The Trig stack bundle consists of a TMA44 Audio Panel, a TX56 Nav/Com, a TY96 VHF Com and TT31 Mode S Transponder, for only € 11,129 ex tax. This bundle is ideal for aircraft owners upgrading their entire aircraft panel or as a slimline stack for new aircraft. The stack will be on display at Trig’s booth in Hall A5-501 at the show.

Jon Roper said, “In Europe the importance of having an up to date 8.33 Nav/Com, as part of a stack is underlined by increased levels of GPS jamming.” EASA now recommends that when flying IFR, then a suitable 8.33 Nav/Com is available to provide redundancy for GPS systems. EASA issued a specific Safety Information Bulletin, EASA SIB No: 2022-02. The bulletin advises that ‘essential conventional navigation infrastructure, particularly Instrument Landing System, are retained and fully operational.’ The TX56 supports VOR tracking and ILS approaches.

AERO provides a genuine opportunity to improve your airmanship and safety by finding out about Trig’s affordable and popular ADS-B products. The highly cost-effective TN72 GPS is an ideal upgrade to any Trig transponder, at only € 434 ex tax. Jon Roper added, “Whilst ADS-B is voluntary in Europe, being equipped makes you visible and safer in busy skies. The TN72 should be an essential upgrade for pilots flying with a Trig transponder – we look forward to sharing the benefits of this technology at the show.”

Sun & Fun attendees have the opportunity to secure exclusive ‘show special’ deals from Trig Avionics.

The Trig team will be in Hangar B093, demonstrating their certified avionics, including the slimline TX56A Nav/Com and TY96A VHF Radio. Trig has an established Approved Dealer network and a dedicated US Service Center – providing customers with first class sales and support.

Customers who buy at the show will save $ 100 on selected Trig products. Trig Marketing Manager, Jon Roper said, “We are looking forward to meeting aircraft owners at Sun & Fun, so we can demonstrate the benefits of Trig. Our highly competitive Stack Bundle consists of a TMA44 Audio Panel, TX56A Nav/Com, TY96A VHF Radio and TT31 Mode S Transponder, which usually retails at $ 11,843 list. At Sun & Fun customers can save an extra $ 300 off, making it even more appealing to purchase at the show. Trig is the avionics of choice for many airplane homebuilders and restorers.”

A Trig stack saves more than just money, once installed it is 2lbs lighter and ¾” shorter than the industry standard. These weight and space savings are further improved, when replacing older heavier legacy avionics equipment. Trig will also feature their popular compact avionics, including the TT22 Mode S Transponder and TY91 VHF Radio. These space-saving certified avionics take minimal room and depth in the panel, they are ideal for GA, light-sport and experimental aircraft. Adding a TN70 or TN72 GPS unit and suitable GPS antenna to a Trig TT22 or TT31 Mode S Transponder, once configured provides ADS-B Out, for enhanced visibility and safety.

The following Approved Trig Dealers will be at Sun & Fun with available stock – visit them to order Trig products.

Aircraft Spruce B001-B009, Gulf Coast Avionics C067-C068, Mid-Continent Instruments & Avionics D030-D031, Pacific Coast Avionics C043-N028, Sarasota Avionics D032-D033 and Stein Air D017.

Soaring pilots around the world share an amazing sport, they also share the challenge of flying sophisticated sailplanes with minimal panel space.

Two leading avionics companies, popular in soaring will be promoting product compatibility to maximise instrument panel space at the Soaring Society of America Convention in Reno this week.

Trig Avionics manufactures the TT22 Mode S and ADS-B Out capable transponder and matching TY91 certified radio, popular in U.S. sailplanes. German based AIR Avionics produce the ACD-57, this is a compact controller with a hi-resolution colour display. The ACD-57 controller features a built-in certified altimeter, frequency database and is now compatible with Trig’s back box hardware.

Marketing Managers, Jon Roper of Trig and Marc Förderer of AIR recognise that this is a combination that high-performance soaring pilots will appreciate.

Jon Roper said, “Trig and AIR Avionics recognise that soaring pilots want to harness the benefits of these avionics together. Trig avionics hardware uses remote boxes that can be installed away from the panel.” Customers will be able to save space using the ACD-57 to control Trig equipment. Marc Förderer said, “I think the benefits of this hardware collaboration will be particularly welcome in the U.S. Soaring community – with Trig’s transponder and VHF matched with our colour, space efficient ACD-57 controller design.”

Pilots will be able to integrate Trig and AIR equipment, purchasing Trig from Approved Trig Dealers and the ACD-57 from the AIR Avionics online store. Full installation information, supporting software and compatible installation cables for the ACD-57 are available from AIR.

In the US experimental sailplane pilots attending the SSA are becoming ADS-B Out compliant by adding a Trig TN72 GPS Position Source to their TT22 transponder. The TN72 is an affordable upgrade (list price is $493 ex tax). This equipment combination is popular amongst soaring pilots who want to be visible to GA aircraft, and safer as a result. The TN72 can also be used in certified gliders wanting a ‘voluntary’ installation, for non 2020 ADS-B airspace.

Delegates visiting the SSA Convention will be able to see both Air Avionics and Trig products on display in the exhibition hall and meet Jon Roper & Marc Förderer.

Smart pilots are taking a break from flying to install Trig ADS-B under the VFR Rebate Program in Australia.

The Australian Government will provide up to 50% of funding towards the cost of purchase and installation of ADS-B equipment (a maximum of $5,000 Australian dollars). The Government’s objective is to improve the safety and efficiency of airspace, with a particular focus on equipping VFR aircraft.

Those looking for a dependable and easy to install ADS-B solution should evaluate the benefits of Trig Avionics products. Trig manufactures Mode S transponders to TSO C166b, the latest technical standard for ADS-B and approved in CASA’s Rebate Program.

In conjunction with a Trig Mode S transponder, a compliant GPS position source is needed to provide vital positional data for ADS-B Out. A Trig TN72 GPS Position Source is the obvious upgrade to a new or  existing Trig transponder. Certified to TSO-C199, the TN72 is capable of providing the highest quality of positional data in its class, at SIL3/SDA2. Although the TN72 is more capable than alternative solutions it is affordable, at only $493 USD list price excluding tax. A GPS antenna is required to complete the TN72 installation, Trig has two GPS antenna options, the TA50 compact or the TA70 certified antenna.

Pilots who want to upgrade their old transponder can take advantage of Trig’s TT31 stack transponder, or fit a TT21 / TN72 Conspicuity Bundle. The Conspicuity Bundle is a ‘one box’ package that includes a TT21 Compact Transponder, a TN72 GPS and a TA50 GPS antenna – costing $3,242 USD list price, excluding tax. For owners of light-sport, ultralight and homebuilt aircraft, Trig sells pre-made wiring harnesses and antennas, making installation even easier.

Trig is known for its ‘Better by Design’ philosophy, with Mode S / ADS-B Out capable transponders that use external antennas with a dependable power output, resulting in superior visibility and range. Installing Trig reduces the potential for blind spots or masking, which can be a feature of internal antennas used in lower power portable devices.

Trig equipment exceeds the required rebate technical performance standards, the TN72 GPS is the world’s class leading transponder and TABS combo, making it a sound investment. With a dedicated Australian Trig Service Centre and a network of Approved Trig Dealers, Trig is the smart choice for Australian VFR pilots. Contact your Approved Trig Dealer to find out more.

Information about the Australian Government’s ADS-B Rebate Scheme and funding applications can be found here.

A Trig pilot briefing document on the ADS-B Rebate – Improving VFR Flight Safety is also available.



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