Trig's Mode S transponders are ADS-B capable, each model has unique features only found in a Trig product.

View Stack Transponders
View Compact Transponders


Stack or compact our VHF radios bring the best design, functionality & communication capabilities to your cockpit.

View Stack Radio
View Compact Radio 


Trig Nav/Com units will enhance your navigation and communication during all phases of flight.

View Stack Nav/Com
View CDI

Audio Panels

Trig Audio Panels have a superior user interface and features that will make every flight a sound performance.

View Audio Panels

GPS Receivers

Trig's certified GPS Receivers, add to your Trig transponder to exploit the visibility and safety that ADS-B Out provides.

View TN70 / TN70A GPS Receiver
View TN72 GPS Receiver
View TN72 ADS-B Bundle 

GPS Antennas

Trig's antennas support Trig GPS Receivers and will enable your ADS-B installation.

View TA70 GPS Antenna (certified)
View TA50  GPS Antenna (compact)

Transponder Antennas

Get the best performance from your Trig transponder by installing one of our dedicated transponder antennas.

TA14 Transponder Antenna
TA12 Transponder Antenna



VHF Com Antennas

Make sure your Trig radio has the right VHF antenna. For the best results we offer two models for both stack and compact radios.

TA10 VHF Com Antenna
TA17 VHF Com Antenna


Product Accessories

Trig provides a range of accessories to make your avionics installation easier.

Wiring Harnesses – Transponder 
Wiring Harnesses – Radio 

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