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Trig Avionics Limited was founded in January 2004. Our ambition is to provide the most innovative certified avionics products for aircraft owners and operators. With a global network of over 800 Approved Trig Dealers, in 42 countries our popularity continues.

Our Edinburgh operation saw expansion in 2018 with the addition of our European office in Amersfoort, in the Netherlands. This has enhanced our service to a growing community of pilots who appreciate our superior products and dedicated customer service. It’s all part of joining the Trig family.

Trig’s CEO Andy Davis, who started Trig, is an entrepreneur and pilot. Andy set out to produce a solid state and energy efficient Mode S transponder. A new generation of transponders were required to meet a European wide mandate for Mode S. At the time, aircraft owners had few options available, so Andy and his team changed this. Our resulting TT31 transponder set a new benchmark in quality, capability and value.

We are proud to design, manufacture and support products that meet the needs of pilots world-wide

Trig’s ‘Better by Design’ philosophy results in products that are simple to use, truly innovative and provide pilots with features that really matter. We have a strong commitment to helping our customers meet regulatory changes. We have a wide range of EASA and FAA approvals, these are used every day by pilots to get airborne – reducing the cost of compliance.

Trig is committed to providing great customer service through our Trig Service Centres in Europe, North America and Australia. We offer prompt and responsive support throughout the lifetime of every Trig product. This helps to underpin our great customer reputation and ensures our future business success, amongst those customers yet to discover Trig.

Trig is grateful for the support of Archangel Investors Limited, Scottish Enterprise and the Amersfoort Chamber of Commerce. Trig is a privately held limited company.

Trig Approvals

  • Trig EASA Design Organisation Approval AP205
  • Trig EASA Production Organisation Approval NL.21G.2389
  • EASA Maintenance Organisation Approval UK.145.01123 and NL.145.1389

Company Information

Trig Avionics – Edinburgh

  • Company registration number SC 261888
  • UK VAT registration number GB 829 7263 92

Trig Avionics – Amersfoort

  • Company registration / KvK number 71586474
  • Netherlands VAT registration number NL 858 7734 30 B01

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