TT26 – new product and new partnership

January 24, 2017

It’s an exciting time for UAS operators as the pace of technological development makes more ambitious operational capabilities a reality.

Trig Avionics is leading the way, launching their latest TT26, ETSO certified UAS transponder product. The TT26 is truly ground breaking, providing four vital functions to support on board autopilot systems.

The one box TT26 contains a 250 watt Mode S transponder with altitude encoder that also operates ADS-B Out (1090ES) up to 70,000 feet. This makes the TT26 ideal for high performance and high altitude operations. Additionally, the TT26 has a highly capable certified GPS and certified altimeter – both can be used as the primary navigational and altitude source for autopilot systems. Global UAS operators can now integrate Trig’s certified transponder technology into new or existing platforms. The TT26 uses industry standard RS232 and RS485 interfaces, so implementation is practical and certain.

“The TT26 delivers a genuine set of game changing technical capabilities”

Andy Davis, CEO at Trig Avionics, said “The TT26 provides customers with a giant leap in surveillance credibility. Future commercial UAS operations will hinge on positive compliance with established international aviation standards. The TT26 is the first UAS transponder product that demonstrates this and adds primary flight and altitude capabilities too.”

Trig Avionics has also announced a partnership with the UK’s leading UAS autopilot designer and control system integrator Callen-Lenz. Adrian Eves, Flight Operations Director at Callen-Lenz said, “We are excited about our partnering with Trig Avionics, we have conducted many successful Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) flight trials; using Trig technology we believe that further BVLOS capability can be achieved. As system integrators, we believe the TT26 delivers a genuine set of game changing technical capabilities. Securing certification for all these features makes a compelling safety case, enabling serious UAS operators like Callen-Lenz to gain the confidence of regulators and airspace agencies alike.”

Callen-Lenz has been appointed as an expert operator to the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority, providing technical and advisory support on UAS certification to ICAO in Montreal, Canada.

Customers who wish to find out more should contact Trig via Each TT26 unit weighs 1.04lb and can be installed using built in box mounts, or by using the dedicated avionics tray. The list price for the TT26 is $ 4,500 excluding tax and shipping.

Callen-Lenz company profile

Callen-Lenz experience spans both the public and private sector, the civil and military domain. Its aviation knowledge, leadership of collaborative multinational R & D and practical delivery in both the Unmanned and Manned field allows the group to provide up to date, focussed advice and support to customers and partners. The ability to draw experience from the operation of a wide range of aircraft be it Rotary or Fixed Wing manned or unmanned enables it to deliver technical solutions and services for its clients and to design and develop relevant avionics solutions through its subsidiary; SkyCircuits Ltd.