Trig – Minor Change template for the TY91 and TY92

November 5, 2013

One of the important benefits of installing a Trig product is the free minor change paperwork that Trig provides.

This offers potential cost savings and reflects Trig’s philosophy of making a Trig product installation as straightforward as possible. Following the introduction of the TY91 and TY92 8.33 VHF radio, Trig’s Support Team has recently gained the first Trig minor change, for Piper and Cessna aircraft types.

An Approved Model List (AML) has now been issued by EASA for the TY91 and TY92. This enables Cessna 150 /152 and Piper PA-38 customers to use the relevant Trig minor change for their own installations, free of charge. Trig’s Field Support Engineer Andy Campbell shared, “We are confident that customers with different aircraft or models will be able to adapt our minor change template and submit their own minor change to EASA. This will be easier and quicker than starting an EASA minor change application from scratch.”

Trig’s minor change library provides comprehensive listings for transponder customers, particularly the TT31. The process of gaining a minor change for a TY91 or TY92 radio differs to the Trig TT31 transponder – where a straight retro-fit option was possible. Andy Campbell explains, “Every radio installation is unique, as opposed to a retrofit, so we can provide a customer with a minor change document that can be edited. We are happy to provide technical guidance to customers too, all part of Trig’s commitment to first class support.”

The TY91 and TY92 minor changes are listed at

European Approved Trig Dealers are also adding minor changes for additional aircraft types so it’s worth checking first with the Trig Support Team if you are about the embark on a minor change.