Trig helps Shark become a world record holder, again!

February 2, 2022

Record breaking is normal for the Shark aircraft company.

Based in Slovakia, the Shark is a high performance, ultra-light aircraft. It holds the best in class, world speed record of 188 mph in level flight. Belgian pilot, Zara Rutherford, recently flew her Shark aircraft around the globe. At nineteen, this makes her the youngest female pilot to accomplish a new world record and adds to the Shark’s formidable reputation.

Aircraft are equipped with a Trig TY91 radio and TT21 transponder. The Shark is the brainchild of a dedicated team of aviation pioneers. We spoke to Sales and Marketing Director, Petr HÝL about Shark’s partnership with Trig Avionics.

“Trig is our standard fit and we consider our friends at Trig as one of our top suppliers”

Peter explained, “Zara and her father Sam approached us in the search for a suitable airplane for her record attempt. The Shark’s speed, range, comfort and safety is designed for fast cross-country flying, so it was a perfect match for Zara.”

The standard production Shark cruises at 168 mph with a range of 800 miles. Zara’s aircraft was only upgraded by having a larger fuel tank, giving a range of 2,174 miles, and a second Trig TY91 radio. Throughout all stages of the 52,000km journey her Trig equipment was problem free, and the whole aircraft proved totally reliable. Zara only need to change tyres and she carried out normal engine and fluid checks. The team at Shark were available to provide technical support but were delighted that everything went so smoothly.

Explaining why the Shark company selected Trig, as a standard installation, Petr said, “We have used other radios and transponders from different suppliers, but Trig was the highest quality of them all. We have never had problems with Trig, and the TY91 can be integrated with other onboard avionics. Trig is our standard fit and we consider our friends at Trig as one of our top suppliers. We highly appreciate Trig’s swift communication, their attentive technical support and fairness in business dealings.”

This recent milestone is a cause for celebration at Shark. Petr said “We are so very proud of Zara and what she has achieved. But we are also proud of our aircraft, its reliability, across all the climates that Zara flew in. It’s great to be producing such a successful airplane, we are eager to continue with our R&D activities – innovating and hopefully inspiring others to achieve great adventures in their Shark aircraft too.”