Trig Avionics – Ready today for Australian Airspace changes

September 11, 2012

Many pilots are excited by the surveillance benefits that Australia’s ADS-B network offers.

Trig Avionics Limited, the UK transponder manufacturer has released new ADS-B compatible software across their TT31, TT22 and TT21 transponder range. This software provides pilots with a simple upgrade path to ADS-B featuring enhanced compatibility with associated aircraft avionics.

A comprehensive flight test programme has proven Trig’s compatibility with popular Garmin GPS units. This means GA pilots now have a clear route to install a complete ADS-B Out capability, at a competitive cost and with the minimum of inconvenience.
Brad Granger, Head of Engineering at Pacific Avionics in New South Wales ran these recent flight trials. “We used a Trig TT31 transponder with the latest Trig 3.4 software. This equipment formed the hub of our ADS-B install and easily integrated with our GNS 530W Garmin avionics. The results were great; there had been some compatibility issues with earlier software versions which Trig quickly addressed with this latest release. We’ve shown that Trig technology works in our own airspace, providing the visibility and accuracy of surveillance that pilots want to have. Trig equipment complies with the latest ADS-B certification standards, using Mode S 1090 ES (Extended Squitter). Air traffic controllers used the 1090 ES ADS-B transmissions and the latest Trig 3.4 software delivered faultless performance.”

Greg Dunstone, ADS-B Program Manager at Airservices Australia, confirmed that Airservices monitored the air traffic during the trial. “Airservices is now delivering ADS-B services to a number of aircraft with Trig transponders. The installation of ADS-B into general aviation aircraft will allow our air traffic controllers to provide separation and safety services across vast areas of the country where no conventional radar services exist. Airservices encourages GA pilots to consider the fitment of ADS-B Out to further enhance the safe operation of all aircraft in Australian airspace.”

Brad Granger said “All Trig transponders are ADS-B Out capable; the TT31 is an ideal retro-fit for an existing transponder. The TT21 and TT22 transponders are highly compact lightweight units, ideal where panel space is tight. Trig transponders can utilise an existing transponder antenna and with the addition of a suitable WAAS GPS an aircraft can become ADS-B compliant.”

Aircraft owners who wish to consider a Trig ADS-B solution should contact their Approved Trig Dealer who can advise them on upgrading their specific aircraft. There are currently nine Approved Trig Dealers in Australia. Pacific Avionics are an Approved Trig Dealer and Trig Service Centre. Hawker Pacific – Australian Avionics have recently been appointed too, becoming an Approved Trig Service Centre and Approved Trig Dealer.  Jeff Gribble Avionics Sales Manager at Hawker Pacific – Australian Avionics said, “We’re delighted to have become a Trig dealer and we anticipate a lot of interest in Trig products. We’ve been really impressed with Trig’s compact and retro-fit transponder solutions that are smart, affordable and future proof.”