Meet the Trig Team

August 27, 2019

Trig Avionics will be attending two popular aviation events, in conjunction with Approved Trig Dealers.

Trig staff will be on hand to provide customers with friendly advice and the latest product information. The annual UK Light Aircraft Association rally takes place at Sywell Aerodrome in Northamptonshire, 30th of August to 1st of September. The ULM Blois International Festival attracts numerous light aviation interests and runs from the 2nd to 3rd of September, in France.

Pilots on both sides of the Channel are becoming aware of the advantages of fitting ADS-B technology. Trig has a range of solutions for aircraft owners, all designed to work with an existing or new Trig transponder.

The TN72 GPS costs £ 312 ex. tax and turns a Trig Mode S transponder into a ‘next generation’ ADS-B surveillance device. Highly affordable and simple to install the TN72 can use either a Trig certified TA70 GPS antenna or small, compact TA50 antenna.

Marketing Manager at Trig Avionics, Jon Roper said, “The TN72 is a simple and logical upgrade to any Trig transponder. The important advantage of the certified TN72 is that it uses SIL 1 GPS technology. This makes you visible to all aircraft using ADS-B In traffic receivers. In contrast, using an uncertified GPS may result in you being invisible to other aircraft. Fitting a TN72 is a small price to pay for the safety benefits that ADS-B Out provides.

Pilots in France are also equipping with 8.33 kHz radios, ahead of their 2021 mandate. Jon Roper said, “We offer customers compact and stack 8.33 VHF radios – our popular TY96 stack radio has become the top choice for many European pilots. With its slimline design it’s packed with pilot friendly features.”

The form factor of the TY96 com radio is well suited to LSA aircraft. Where space is more of a challenge then the Trig TY91 compact radio is a fully certified and capable unit. It has features such as ‘Push Step’ for faster tuning, dual watch and a two-place built in intercom.