Flying schools discover the benefits of ADS-B

May 28, 2021

There are few experiences more exciting than learning to fly.

Europe has numerous high quality flying schools, with expert flight instructors. Trig’s ADS-B Out surveillance technology can enhance the safety of every flight school aircraft, and importantly every student too.

After hours of dual training, the day will arrive when the instructor says to the student, “Great, just try that again – except this time I will be watching from the ground.” A successful solo flight leads to longer trips and cross-country navigation exercises. Many flight schools can only verify an aircraft location by calling a solo student on the radio. This not only causes a potential distraction, but the student might also not provide the most reliable position report!

Today, by installing affordable ADS-B Out technology to a Trig transponder, real time monitoring throughout a complete flight is possible. Trials conducted at Barton Aerodrome have demonstrated the significant benefits of using this technology. Local FISO staff use ADS-B Out equipment, to warn of airspace incursions and see other potential GA conflictions.

“We would advocate ADS-B Out technology as a result of using Trig equipment”

Having a traffic receiver in a flying school operations room is not an air traffic service. However, even a mobile app like Flight Radar 24 provides visibility and peace of mind, as all student flights can be tracked in real time. The equipment necessary for this kind of traceability is based upon a Trig Mode S transponder, with a TN72 GPS Position Source and antenna – transmitting ADS-B Out. This provides enhanced safety in terms of visibility to other airspace users, with the added potential of real time flight tracking.

Trig ADS-B equipment is used by Barton Aerodrome’s Flying Training School. Flying Instructor Kate Sims operates a Cessna 172 G-BOIL with a Trig TT31 transponder and TN72 GPS. Kate said, “The installation was relatively straight forward, the aircraft was visible at all times to Barton ATS on their ADS-B Traffic Display. The TN72 proved to be very reliable and ‘came on’ without any problems when the transponder was switched on. The quality of the transponder is very good, it is a basic unit and proves very reliable and cost effective.”

Kate Sims has continued to fly with the Trig beyond the trial, “We would advocate ADS-B Out technology as a result of using Trig equipment. It is easy to use and makes you more visible to others and ATS, which could ultimately lead to a safer environment for the pilot.”

If a flying school already uses Trig transponders then an upgrade to ADS-B Out can be inexpensive and straightforward, this makes installation in a number of aircraft very practical.  This is a win-win, for both students and flying schools, as the safety benefits afforded by ADS-B are genuine. To find out how to add Trig to your flying school contact your Approved Trig Dealer today