Fitting ADS-B Out is now simplified in EASA aircraft

May 17, 2019

EASA’s latest release of CS-STAN provides EASA aircraft owners with a fast and streamlined way to become ADS-B Out equipped.

EASA’s latest ‘Certification Specification for Standard Change CS-SC005a’ allows the simple installation or set up of a Trig transponder, to voluntarily become ADS-B Out capable – this enhances your conspicuity and safety.

Trig Marketing Manager Jon Roper said, “CS-STAN genuinely simplifies installation in EASA aircraft. Using a Trig transponder in combination with an existing GPS, like a GNS or GTN navigator is literally a two-wire connection and a simple Form 123. Pilots could alternatively use Trig’s TN72 GPS Position Source to enhance their electronic visibility. The TN72 is certified and is compatible with a Trig transponder. It only costs 330 Euros, so it’s a small price to pay for a genuine safety benefit.”

Official statistics show that nearly 50% of reported potential airborne collisions, involve a pilot who did not see the other aircraft. There are many other unreported instances when pilots admit that their situational awareness was compromised – even if the weather and their lookout was good.

 Growing numbers of VFR pilots recognise that in busy skies electronic conspicuity is becoming safety critical.

Currently, there is no mandate for ADS-B in Europe amongst general aviation. However, growing numbers of VFR pilots recognise that in busy skies electronic conspicuity is becoming safety critical. Both EASA and the UK CAA are encouraging voluntary equipage of ADS-B, to enhance VFR safety. The use of Mode S transponder technology is the preferred platform to build Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast, known as ADS-B Out. Trig Avionics - TN72 GPS Position Source for ADS-B

Trig transponders transmit Mode S via an external antenna, the power output is more than satisfactory to be visible at long range, this makes Trig’s ADS-B Out highly reliable with enhanced performance, no drop outs or low power concerns. The TN72 makes you visible to all ADS-B In equipped systems, as it uses SIL 1 quality indicators. Trig offers two GPS antenna types to complete your installation. The latest CS-STAN revision makes installing a Trig solution fast and efficient, the approval can be managed locally by a suitably qualified Approved Trig Dealer.

Jon Roper added, “Pilots with a Trig transponder in their aircraft have a future proof solution that can be quickly upgraded to ADS-B. Adding a TN72 is a popular way to be safe and be seen. This latest CS-STAN revision makes the jump to ADS-B Out even easier for pilots with EASA aircraft.”

For more information see EASA’s website here.