Calling All European Pilots

May 12, 2017

It’s time for European pilots to sign up for IAOPA 8.33kHz funding.

Trig Avionics, experts in certified avionics, is encouraging European pilots to sign up now to secure potential funding for their 8.33 VHF radio purchase. As the deadline for changing to 8.33 VHF radios gathers pace IAOPA, the International Council of Aircraft Owners and Pilots is in the process of rolling out a pan European funding bid. If approved by INEA (Innovation & Networks Executive Agency – Europe) this will cover 20% of the purchase and installation cost of a new 8.33 radio.

Jon Roper, Trig Marketing Manager said “Pilots looking for a high quality 8.33 radio, easy to use and with great features should consider our TY91 or TY96 models. We are supporting the IAOPA scheme, customers have the potential to save money and make the change to 8.33 a positive one – with a new Trig radio.”

In order to qualify customers should log on to  the IAOPA 8.33kHz Implementation Support Page. Applicants need to enter their contact information and indicate their Trig radio preference. You don’t have to be an AOPA member to take part in the scheme.

Philip Church, Principal Consultant at Helios and acting for IAOPA said, “We are confident that INEA will award funding soon, this could be in the order of 10 million Euros. However, it is really important that pilots who want to be included must make a submission through the IAOPA 8.33 web site, as the scheme operates on a first come, first served basis. We are happy to have the support of Trig Avionics who are a popular choice for aircraft owners who need to meet the 8.33 mandate.”

Trig’s TY96 radio is the ideal stack mounted radio, at only 33mm high it is compact and lighter than other models with no need for cooling fans. The radio has a bright and clear high resolution screen and Trig’s unique ‘Push Step’ feature. This allows Trig radios to be tuned three times faster than conventional models. With a two place intercom, dual watch and popular ‘Say Again’ feature the TY96 not only meets 8.33 requirements it actually significantly improves your communications.

For pilots short on panel space Trig’s TY91 is the class leading compact 8.33 radio. The unit’s two part design provides more installation options and creates space for other avionics on the panel. The TY91 also features ‘Push Step’ for faster tuning, dual watch and a built in two place intercom.

UPDATE – IAOPA announced in July the funding was unsuccessful and has been rejected by INEA. IAOPA are appealing the case.