Trig’s new building is open

January 27, 2015

Rt. Hon Alistair Darling MP recognises Trig’s global success as he opens new building

Trig Avionics Limited is a Scottish based company selling its aviation technology globally.  Trig’s success was celebrated today by the Rt. Hon Alistair Darling MP who opened Trig’s new custom built facility at Heriot Watt Research Park. This will accommodate a growing team, now based together under one roof.

Alistair Darling said, “I’m delighted to officially open Trig’s new building today. Trig is dedicated to manufacturing high value technology products that have taken on the world. Trig’s business has created highly skilled engineering and manufacturing jobs in Scotland. They also support employment across the UK with their associated suppliers. I’m pleased to see Trig is investing in training and developing new talent and new products. With an established export record Trig is exactly the sort of company we need to help lead Scotland to greater economic success.”

Andy Davis – Trig CEO said, “We are proud to sell our products globally. We export around 80% of our output, selling through over 500 dealers in 42 different countries. We’ve been successful in a very competitive market and this new building provides our team with a superb working environment to continue this success.”

Innovation is nothing new in Scotland, but Trig has set new standards in the design of aviation transponders and radios. Trig equipment is highly compact and energy efficient – saving weight and allowing installation in all types of aircraft: from gliders and microlights, to helicopters and fixed wing commercial aircraft.

The new facility contains space for the engineering and design team, an engineering laboratory and various test and manufacturing functions. There’s also office space for support, quality and sales functions along with conference and meeting rooms. Project management of the new building involved Novo Design, Redpath Construction and the facilities team at Heriot Watt University.

Andy concluded, “I’m grateful to my staff, many supporters, suppliers and the Heriot Watt Research Park team who are here to celebrate our official opening today. I’d finally like to thank Mr.Darling for officially opening our office.”