Restoring Just Jane & HJ711 to their former glory

December 15, 2022

The Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre is a unique home for two famous aircraft, the Avro Lancaster and De Havilland Mosquito.

Based at East Kirkby, this wartime RAF airfield is an incredible backdrop to a project team who are restoring both these aircraft to their former glory. The team is led by Andrew Panton, Director of the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre, he explained why Trig is a valuable part of their operation.

“We regularly operate these classic aircraft, running their engines and taxying them around the airfield apron and grass runways. To do this safely our pilots use Trig radios and transponders. The TY91 radio provides excellent voice communication, with ground staff. The TT21 Mode S transponder provides visibility to air traffic and other aircraft, which will be necessary for future operations. The quality of Trig equipment, ease of operation and its aesthetic look is ‘just right’ in these historic aircraft – this made Trig our top choice.”

The quality of Trig equipment, ease of operation and its aesthetic look is ‘just right’

For the team this has been a significant year, their De Havilland Mosquito HJ711 has been operational for the first time, running its two Merlin engines much to the delight of visitors. Whilst over 4,000 Mosquito aircraft were built during the war, HJ711 is the only night fighter version still in existence. The Mosquito was made of wood, this makes it light, strong and very fast – capable of a top speed of 415mph. Aircraft owner Tony Agar has spent nearly 40 years restoring HJ711 to its current condition. The aircraft is not licensed to fly; however, pilots still experience the unique power of HJ711 as they bring its combined 3,280 horsepower back to life during the ground running season.

A Rivet Club exists to enable supporters to get involved, raising funds for the project

Lancaster NX611, known as ‘Just Jane’ is being fully restored to flight. This is a remarkable objective for the small team of engineers and the many volunteers, who aim to complete this goal in a ten-year timeframe. A Rivet Club exists to enable supporters to get involved, raising funds for the project which is expected to cost more than £ 4 million pounds.  Andrew Panton said, “Within the rolling restoration program our Trig TT21 transponder and TY91 VHF radio have been installed and are in constant use during ground taxi days. We are grateful for the support of Trig Avionics; these avionics are of course certified for flight – one day the Lancaster will indeed take to the air. Right now, we are in another winter season, currently working hard on the re-build and restoration of the port wing. The skills required and effort necessary to bring NX611 to flying condition is a marathon, but we do genuinely appreciate all the interest and support received from across aviation, from companies like Trig.”

The Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre welcomes support for this unique restoration project.

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