TN70 GPS Receiver

TN70 – ADS-B, full compliance for certified types

If you’re an aircraft owner looking for a fully compliant ADS-B Out solution, (usually in mandated airspace) then the TN70 is the ideal partner for a Trig transponder. The TN70 is simple to install and provides a great way to add a certified FAA TSO-C145 WAAS GPS receiver to complete your ADS-B Out installation.


  • WAAS GPS receiver – kit includes Trig’s TA70 antenna
  • Meets TSO-C145 – compliant for 2020 ADS-B
  • Complete your ADS-B Out solution
  • Requires no panel space – lightweight and easy to install
  • Compatible with Trig transponders

Compatible products

The TA70 certified WAAS antenna is designed to compliment the TN70.  The TN70 comes with the TA70 antenna as a bundled kit, optimised for the best results. We do not sell the TN70 as a stand alone unit.


Trig are leaders in ADS-B technology (Automatic Dependant Surveillance Broadcast) we were the first company in the world to meet FAA TSO-C166b, the latest standard for ADS-B transponders. Every Trig transponder is Mode S, but also ADS-B capable. Once installed ADS-B equipment transmits your aircraft’s precise location directly to other ADS-B equipped aircraft, improving your electronic visibility and safety. To learn more about ADS-B got to our Knowledge Bank article

Product/ Model Type Supply Voltage ADS-B 2020 Compliance (US) Does this GPS come with the TA70 certified antenna? Sales Part Number


9-23V Yes – the TN70 will enable ADS-B Out and meets the latest FAA requirements. Yes 01381-00
Specification TN70 GPS Receiver

TSO-C145c, Beta 1 Receiver


DO-229D, DO-178B level C, DO-254 level C D0-160F

Supply voltage (DC) 9-32 Volts
Typical consumption (at 14v)

Typical: 0.2  Max: 0.3A

Operating temperature -55°C to + 70°C
 Operating height 110,000 feet
Cooling requirement no fan required
Weight 1.06 lbs
Dimensions (inches) 1.6” x 4.13” x 6.5”

What's in the box

  • EASA Form One
  • TA70 certified Antenna
  • Installation kit

Frequently Asked Questions

What else will I need to be ADS-B compliant?
The TN70 certified GPS reciever provides a compliant position source for your ADS-B Out system. A Trig transponder will also be required – this acts as the hub of your ADS-B Out solution transmitting data to ground stations and other aircraft (which are ADS-B equipped). In the U.S. FAA FAR 91.227 requires your installation to be capable of identifying the correct phase of flight – this demands some means of Air-Ground determination. Our STC provides a simple means to meet the regulations using the latest transponder software with automatic air ground, this removes the need for a squat switch or air ground switch.

For further information on ADS-B read our Knowledge Bank article.

What certification does the TN70 hold?
The TN70 has FAA TSO certification, in most regions the TN70 will require an installation STC. Check our STC section for the latest approvals.

How heavy is the TN70?
The TN70 is light weight unit – the hardware box weighs 1.06 lbs and the antenna weighs 0.31lbs.

Can I buy the TN70 without the antenna?
The TN70 comes with an antenna as a bundled kit, optimised for the best results. We do not sell the TN70 as a stand alone unit.

When I purchase a TN70 what comes in the box?
The TN70 kit comes with WAAS GPS hardware unit, matching WAAS antenna and installation kit. The TN70 installation instructions are online only.

In the U.S. if I want to fly in 2020 rule ADS-B airspace in an LSA, experimental or home built do I need a TN70?
Light-sport, experimental and homebuilt aircraft can all use the TN72. With a Trig TT31 or TT22 transponder, this meets the GPS Position Source requirements of FAR.91.227 and is 2020 compliant.

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