TN72 Minor Change Library

At Trig we have developed a set of EASA approved upgrade instructions that document the process of installing the TN72 GPS Position Source in a range of aircraft. Trig installers can use these instructions to achieve airworthiness compliance without needing to seek further approval from EASA.

These Minor Change Approvals are free.

First – we suggest that you look at the Aircraft Approved Type List within the Minor Change Approval Summary Sheets (below). Use this to verify that your specific aircraft model is featured within the Minor Change Approval.

Next – find your specific aircraft model from the Minor Change link.

Finally – The Minor Change Instructions can be found below.

If you are installing a TN72 GPS Position Source in an aircraft type NOT shown here, but for which the minor change instructions would apply, Trig Avionics grant you permission to use the published minor change instructions as the basis for your own application.

Minor Change Master Instructions

The Minor Change Master Instructions are available for download here.

TN72 Minor Change and TN72 Aircraft Model List (AML)

The Aircraft Make list is included below, to find the extensive Aircraft Model list please look on the TN72 Minor Change.

Aquila Aviation International GMBH
Aviat Aircraft Inc.
Beechcraft Corporation
Britten Norman Aircraft
Cessna Aircraft Company
Cirrus Design Corporation
Commander Aircraft Corporation
Costruzioni Aero. Tecnam
Cub Crafters Inc.
Diamond Aircraft Industries
E.I.S. Aircraft GmbH
Evektor SPOL S.R.O
Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.
Grob Aircraft AG
HB Flugtechnik
M&D Flugzeugbau
Maule Aerospace Technology
Mooney Aviation Company, INC.
Pilatus Aircraft LTD.
Piper Aircraft Inc.
Pipistrel D.O.O. Ajdovscina
PZL Warszawa-okecie S.A
Slingsby Advanced Composites
Stemme AG
Symphony Aircraft Industries
Technoflug Leichtflugzeugbau
Textron Aviation Inc.
True Flight Holdings LLC
Quest Aircraft Design LLC
Zlin Aircraft A.S