Rotary case study – Bourne Park

Dedicated to business and display flying

Bourne Park Aviation were looking for a certified retro-fit transponder for customers and their own helicopter fleet. Bruce Stuart, Bourne Park’s Director said;“We’ve a fantastic  engineering expertise here at the company, we provide comprehensive service facilities for both rotary and fixed wing customers.” Bourne Park also operate a number of ex-military Gazelle helicopters, fitted with Trig TT21 Mode S transponders and matching TY91/92 radios. Bruce shared “We selected Trig as these avionics suited our requirements perfectly.”

“Trig’s compact equipment has been easy to install, as an ex-military pilot the quality and ease of use are also big plus points.”

Pilot Mark Le Gresley and his other ex-military colleagues have created The Gazzelle Squadron Display Team. Mark highlighted “It’s been hard work to restore and operate our Gazelle fleet, but the team will be an exciting and fitting tribute to our military veterans who flew the Gazelle.”

Bourne Park has selected ex-operational aircraft, each with a distinguished service career to represent all branches of the UK military. The team is being assembled in readiness for display work – made up from Gazelles in their respective service colours. As each Gazelle has a colourful service history they all have names: Gordon, Gladys, Grant, Gloria, Gavin, Glenda and Ginger!

Trig are pleased to have been able to support the team along with the Gazelle Military Helicopter Trust.